eToys vs. etoy: NO SHOWDOWN TODAY

7.12.99 eToys vs. etoy: STATUS CONFERENCE IN LA

the legendary court battle over the aggressive
takeover of the famous and multi awarded net art
brand "" (since 1995) by the american
toy retailer (since 1997) goes on.

no settlement could be reached till now. the
harassment and abuse of the law was even pushed
further as eToys forced Network Solutions (by fax)
to set the entire domain on hold. as all
experts have to confirm this is not part of the
court decision and therefore a massive violation of
the rights of the art group etoy (we still have no
detailed comment from NSI). this move tried to avoid
further information of the international press which
reacted with more than 90 articles and reports on
this topic (to see what all the experts and neutral
journalist around the globe think about the decision
made by a state court judge on november 29 check out
the press information page):

since the state court in L.A. signed the decision
(which says that etoy is not allowed to operate its
legendary web site under the name till
the court decides on a final base) more than 200
resistance web sites and protest pages popped up around
the globe. during the last three weeks this battle
became one of the biggest movements for freedom of
expression and equal rights for art and commerce on the
internet. many celebrities from the art world, music
scene, university professors, even movie stars and
politicians prepare for a huge campaign against the
abuse of the law in this and many other cases. the
movement is based on about 4000 users and net activists
and every day many hundred people line up behind etoy
for the right to decide if we sell the digital territory
to a corporate giant or not and if so to what conditions.

as mentioned in the world press, television and radio all
over europe and america both parties are "invited" on
december 27, 99 to participate on a "status conference"
held at the state court in california.

the etoy.ART-CORPORATION is ready to talk about
solutions to stop this insane media war as soon as our
illegally removed DNS entries are re installed and an
apology is made. etoy is not able and willing to accept
this rude way of doing international business, and does
not talk to the other side as long as we don't see the
will for fair and violence free negotiations. internet
expert lawyers will represent etoy in los angeles on the
27th of this month.

etoy is an association which successfully works in the
field of experimental entertainment and art since 1994
and has a highly developed culture of doing business on
the internet. companies like sun microsystems, the biggest
supermarket chain MIGROS in switzerland, the ISP EUNET/
QWEST, the fashion company Turek WOKSHOP AUSTRIA / TWA,
POLOPLAST, SWATCH, the governments of austria and
switzerland, institutions in hungary (C3), the usa and
japan, many universities and highly respected research
institutions and even the legendary pop band YELLO are
official partners of the web site since 1995.

it would be a slap in the face of every etoy.SHAREHOLDER
and etoy.SUPPORTER if we would accept this uncontrolled
and barbarian behavior. the internet is a great place to
offer ideas, culture, lifestyle and (YES!) even toys to a
huge audience and millions of customers but if corporations
don't find ways to coordinate and organize neighborhood in
a civilized way and in harmony with the people who are the
net, the world wide community has to stop them from
bulldozing and destruction of property. etoy and its fans
protests with all legal tools a small but smart and
successful media art group can mobilize!

at this point we like to thank our advisory board, all the
involved people and the organizers of the successful press
conference at the museum of modern art in ny. we look
forward to hear that our dns entries are reinstalled.

our attorneys suggest that no etoy.AGENT should enter the
united states of america till we have evidence that our
basic rights are respected.

don't forget that eToys lawyers also filed a complaint
which accuses etoy members for security fraud (art product
etoy.SHARE / part of many official art collections in the
world...even the chancellor of austria is etoy.SHAREHOLDER).
if eToys can find a judge and / or police officers who doesn`t
care about the fact that none EVER purchased etoy.SHARES
without knowing that this is an art product (and not a NASDAQ
investment) this can lead to jailing of the etoy.AGENTS in
the us.

in the mean time the etoy.CREW is very busy with customer
service and several millennium showdown productions. we
apologize to the etoy.FANS in the us and promise to retrieve
the U.S. tour later next year when the eToys guys removed the
virtual guns from our necks !

in the end - the user is the judge.

the etoy.BOARD

[our attorneys suggested a one week interview stop to let the
other side feel that etoy is not interested in destroying their
company if they start to respect our trademark rights... the
beginning of a new century could be a good moment to think about
business, responsibility and society on a larger scale. we urge
the press to respect this. we wish eToys a happy new year and
that their share value may recover a bit]
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even their home paper L.A. weekly reported on the
parody at the court! does mr. shook read the news?
he should!


"Sounds like a basic case of domain-squatting, in which
some skeevy outfit tries to skim off fat-fingered visitors
who mistype their way into a similar-sounding site. Right?
Wrong. Etoy (no s) is an award-winning international arts
collective that registered its site in October 1995; eToys
(with s), which sells mass-market plastic crap to spoiled
children, didn't come online till October 1997. On the face
of it, no overlap, no copyright infringement, no harm, no foul.

Not according to Judge John P. Shook, who is clearly not a
man accustomed to looking people in the face. After demanding
that etoy fly in from Europe to present its case, Shook
whipped out a pre-written injunction forcing the arts folks
to pull down their site until after the all-important holiday
shopping season.

Etoy is on the side of the angels, according to most legal
observers. However, it's not the observers but the paid lawyers
who make the difference in these matters. According to etoy
spokespeople, offered approximately $500,000 in cash
and stock to get etoy to simply walk away from the domain. What
multiple of that do you suppose they'll spend on legal beagles?"



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