its not spoofing / its internic

hi there!

we just wanted to inform you all about the
results of the investigations :

a lot of people invested time to do
research on what happened to the mail
server... THANK YOU!

i post just one of the messages here which
show what happend...

>It appears that the root servers have
>stopped serving the domain.
>This would result in people unable to
>send mail to anyone

>I'd like to know what makes anyone
>think that someone is spoofing anything.


some people thought that it was spoofing,
there were many ideas...
one thing what refered to an attack was the
unsuccessful take over attempt of the domain by the company domain info in
california... they tried to fake communication
between us and internic...

fortunately we got the mails... (one of the
last mails which arrived in our office from
the server (!)

but yes it seams like it is INTERNIC!
they didnt called back jet. so we dont know
what happend... but the customer service
referd to the legal departement.

we just called there all day long! no one
replyed our calls...

have? end where is the limit???

the court decision says that we have to stop
operating a www.server with the name
because of confusion of the surfers...

its not the same thing and not legal to shut down
our mail now...

the damage on our side is enormous... we are anyway
overloaded with mails... and its not easy to handle
the communication with all our supporters (who
hopefully understand the caos and the delay of our
replies... we are sorry!) all the media people and
the lawyers! now we even have to communicate the
change to a new system...

we hope we didnt boder you too much with our
call for help. its good to know that there
are people out there who care! let us know if
you dont like to be in this list... we dont use
it often...just for emergency situations.
we relay on a platform to inform people...

thank you for your efforts!

ps: send this message to people you forwarded the
last mail... so they know what the status is.

for further communications related to such topics
please contact gramazio only... zai is managing the
press.... and is overloaded with mails. thanks.



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