etoy at Lift12 conference

The Lift12 conference is happening now at the Geneva International Conference Centre. etoy gives an extensive presentation in the context of the extreme hackers panel on Friday, 24th Feb. 2012, 16:00.

The internet favored the rise of the hacker in areas such as journalism and music. Now, some are taking that concept to a whole new level, from rocket-building to nuclear physics experiments... Meet the extreme hackers.

The panelists:
Twisting capitalism & Technology since 1994

Hojun Song
The Open-Source Satellite Initiative

Mark Suppes

Amateur Nuclear Fusion


METAmART in Wien

After presented in Hongkong, etoy is hanging its 144 pictures of the etoy.SHARED-HISTORY 2 in Wien, at the METAmART, Kunst und Kapital, in the Künstlerhaus.

Good to meet old etoy.FRIENDS and SUPPORTERS: and to hand over BIG THANKS YOUs for work during the TOYWAR period. Thanks to monochrom, and Andrea Mayr and Sirikit Amann.

And good to make new friends: thanks to Christine Lahr for her inspiration and Lorenz Seidel for the organisation.

etoy brought Kapital to Vienna - and took a lot back.


OSSI groundstation 1 in the art collection now

hello hojun and crew,
dear sylvie, agents, partners, researchers,
sweet shareholders and collectors,

i'm verry happy and proud to announce another important step for the etoy.ART-COLLECTION:
our open source satellite initiative (OSSI) groundstation arrived in zurich!

thanks for the fantastic setup video hojun

thanks sylvie and HG for transfer from seoul.

we look forward to receive (and one day send) signals!

the deal is made / the take-off ramp in russia is getting prepared:
-> (the carrier)
->the agreement:

SCIENCE IS FANTASY! as hojun said


more info:

Am 05.12.11 07:07, schrieb hojun song:

here is the link for setting up OSSI GS-1

it's HD 720p quality.

if you want to use the video in exhibition i'll send you the original.

thank you,


2011/11/7 etoy.HG ******>:
Hi Hojun,

Hope this message finds you well, it's been a long time!

I have good news for you: Sylvie Reinhard (CCed) is going to be in
Seoul  Nov 25 - Dec 3, scouting for exciting projects for a next LIFT
event in Korea - and she volunteered to  bring the etoy.OSSI receiver
backpack to its new home in Switzerland!

You'll certainly agree with me that this is a good opportunity to
finalize a step in the `cultural value exchange` we initiated back in
Gwangju. If you're around or can make sure Sylvie gets the piece:
please do get in touch with her!

And do let us know what you're up to, too! :)

Sending kind regards,

-- // twisting values since 1994

BASISMARKT Sonntag 04.12. 2011

Das volle Programm findet Ihr auf der BASISMARKT Website.

Needlework for X-MAS.
Eigene Vorlagen digitalisieren und sticken mit etoy.


METAmART opening November 24, at 7 p.m.

Opening:  METAmART

Join us at Künstlerhaus Vienna for the opening  November 24, at 7 p.m.
-> attending agents: etoy.ZAI, etoy.TABEA, etoy.HAEFLIGER

The curators of eSeL created an experimental market for art building on auctions, selective participation, gift economies, fixed price art, and play around original and authentic expressions for sale. In a second part of the show, art positions with a corporate background, such as etoy, and artists playing with economic everyday realities and identities build an environment that sets art and capital in contrast.


M∞ STOWAWAY workshop at Microwave festival Hong Kong

Twelve new stowaway pilots embarked MISSION ETERNITY during the workshop at microwavefestival past week. The newly formed M∞ ARCANUM CAPSULES are now checked into the M∞ ANGEL APPLICATION, ready to circulate forever in the global info sphere. Special action: computer embroidery on funeral robes, MISSION ETERNITY DRESS and personal items of PILOTS.

Thank you for flying etoy.

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etoy at Microwave festival Hong Kong

Microwave international media arts festival


Preparing for microwavefest / hong kong

8 Mission Eternity Tamatar, etoy.SHARED-HISTORY and our brand new embroidey machine,
are on the way to Hong KONG Microwavefest

Stitches: 5407
Height: 170.4 mm
Width: 89.9 mm
Color: 1 Orange
Total Bobbin: 7.80m


etoy is part of the microwavefest in hong kong

Main Exhibition  主題展覽
Date 日期 05.11 {Sat六} - 13.11 {Sun日}
Time 時間 12:00 - 20:00
Venue 地點
Exhibition Hall, Low Block,
Hong Kong City Hall 香港大會堂低座展覽廳


etoy.SHARED-HISTORY at Modestrom

At the opening of the new Modestrom shop.

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