New research on containers

"The humble shipping container is a powerful antidote to economic pessimism and fears of slowing innovation. Although only a simple metal box, it has transformed global trade. In fact, new research suggests that the container has been more of a driver of globalisation than all trade agreements in the past 50 years taken together."

May 2013, The Economist (link to article, and read the growth statistics by Bernhofen et al. 2013!)

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Distinguished Shareholders!

etoy invites you to the seventh annual meeting of etoy.CORPORATION SA.

When: June 8, 2013, 12.00-14.00
Where: etoy.TANKS Aargauerstrasse 88, 8048 Zurich, Switzerland.

Agenda items:
1. Welcome to etoy
2. Update by agent ZAI about etoy's investments and activities
3. Presentation of the financial figures for the year 2012
4. Presentation of the budget 2013
5. Discharge of the board
6. Election of the board: agents GRAMAZIO, MONOROM, ZAI, and HAEFLIGER (pr.)
7. Varia

Please submit any questions or discussion items before May 30 directly to the president ( The financial report and the statement of the auditor will be available to shareholders on site.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot attend the meeting you may delegate your voting rights to another shareholder. If you wish to do so, please forward your written consent to a shareholder of your choice before the meeting. etoy will count the voting rights present before the start of the meeting.

etoy invites you to a drink and a tour of the new location of the etoy.TANKS following the annual meeting.
for etoy

Purpose of etoy.CORPORATION SA, registered in Zug, Switzerland,
Register of Commerce CH-

"etoy is art and invests all resources in the production of more art. The
firm represents the core and code of the corporate sculpture, and
controls, protects, promotes, and exploits the cultural substance
(intellectual property) and the etoy.ART-COLLECTION. etoy intends to
reinvest all financial earnings in art"


TANK view snippet

Snippet from the new etoy.TANK Movie made by Axel.


etoy working at Cass Business School, London

Agents SILVAN and MONOROM working at Cass Business School with agent HAEFLIGER on maintaining etoy's investor relations infrastructure.


got BEARD? no? no problem!

during a social media class at Zurich university for art and design ZHdK i learned from my teaching fellow Marc Uricher from the agency LBi (Lost Boys international) that you still absolutely need a beard if you want to climb the leader in trendy agencies. as i don't like to have hair in my face i was looking for a better solution*. and i found a good product - at least for the winter: The Original Beard Hat.

*no... i don't look for a job in the advertisement business. but it probably helps in the art world too to have a big beard sometimes...  ;-)


Boeing LIPO grounding

US grounds Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner over battery fires

next time better talk to etoy before allowing airline passengers on board of your lipo battery powered planes.

this looks very much like our burned out MISSION ETERNITY TAMATAR from san sebastian (2010):

chief etoy.R&D silvan: avant garde art and technology collective etoy learned 3 years before boeing how to deal with fire on board of its high tech transportation capsules. next time better contact some experienced artists before wasting millions and scaring passengers and your crew. let's share knowledge and learn from each others disasters.

picture: etoy.SILVAN in orange etoy jacket wondering why a multi billion air line corporation is not willing to learn from artists.

BACKGROUND: (Reuters) Airlines scrambled on Thursday to rearrange flights as regulators around the world joined the United States in grounding Boeing Co's 787 Dreamliner passenger jets while battery-related problems are investigated. Scott Hamilton, an analyst at Leeham Co, an aerospace consulting firm in Seattle, said having a plane grounded "is about the worst thing that can happen to an airplane program."


because the world will not end on the 21st of this month

if you look for a really substantial goal for 2013: help to end the war on drugs by breaking the taboo (e.g. send the link to your most conservative friends and politicians and ask them to stop the ignorance and naive error loop).

Change in mindset is needed to prevent unnecessary human tragedy: Breaking The Taboo - Film

a new and important movie about the insanity and destructive failure of the most bloody and expensive war of our generation. respected world leaders explain why they changed their mind about how to deal with the illegal drug problem and call for a fundamental change.

richard branson (i did not liked that guy before) explains very well why it is insane to continue what is a proven mega flop.

brute force like bullets and bombs, millions of police men and soldiers or filled prisons (the usa has more prisoners than china, most of them convicted for drug related crimes) could not help to reduce drug addiction. the drug business is bigger than ever. repression does not reduce demand, pain and the loss of lifes. it supports heavy criminals who kill for the profits and finances warlords, terrorists and other enemies of the free world. this is not propaganda. this are facts.

thanks ruth dreifuss (former prime minster of switzerland) for your contribution to this movement (The Global Commission on Drug Policy). this is one of the rare moments when i can be proud of my home country - that learned from the zurich drug tragedy in the 80's by helping addicts instead of hunting them.


etoy.TANK PLANT in Zurich

we didn't really move in 197 seconds as you see below the extended version of
etoy's BIG MOVE - but we settled down now with our 55 tons of material - in 7 real steel cargo containers.


Opening Basislager Aargauerstrasse

THANK you to all people that visited yesterday and filled up our new space - we are so happy to be up and running!

Das Motiv der Kaestchenwahl Das Motiv der Kaestchenwahl Das Motiv der Kaestchenwahl Das Motiv der KaestchenwahlDas Motiv der KaestchenwahlDas Motiv der KaestchenwahlDas Motiv der KaestchenwahlDas Motiv der KaestchenwahlDas Motiv der KaestchenwahlDas Motiv der KaestchenwahlDas Motiv der KaestchenwahlDas Motiv der KaestchenwahlDas Motiv der KaestchenwahlDas Motiv der Kaestchenwahl
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Robots are coming

Gestern am IDSC der ETH - Eindrückliche Präsentationen von verschiedenen Robotern bzw. Experimenten mit Kontroll- und Regelungsalgorithmen -

ein Roboter der jongliert

einer der seine 50 kg auf einer Spitze endlos balanciert

und welche die mit uns Ball spielen!

und daneben stosse ich auf ein Zitat von Sherry Turkle auf eine Frage vom MAGAZIN:
Warum können uns Roboter und virtuelle Welten so verführen?
Weil sie auf unsere Defizite zielen.
(Sherry Turkle im DAS MAGAZIN, 26/2012)

Danke Raphael Rogenmoser fürs Organisieren!

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